NYS allocates $190,000 to the Capital Region to combat invasive species

Source: Post Star

NYS is allocating $2.8 million of the Environmental Protection Fund to help fight the war on aquatic invasive species. The Capital Region will see some of this funding thanks to the Environmental Protection Fund working together with the State Department of Environmental Conservation to grant $190,000 to local towns and organizations.

The Lake George Association obtained the majority of this funding to further strengthen the security and safety of Lake George through the boat launches located at the northern end of the lake. The LGA plans to use the $78,575 of invasive species grant money to staff lake stewards at both the Hague Town Boat Launch and Gull Bay Public Boat Launch.

The stewards employed by the LGA from this grant money will allow for full-time operation of inspections stations in Hague and Gull Bay. The stewards play an important role in invasive species management by identifying and removing invasive plants and animals that can be harmful and destructive to Lake George which makes this grant essential to the LGA.

In addition to the LGA, Rensselear Polytechnic Institute received a large portion of the state funded grant, with $78,134. RPI is developing new technology to assist in the identification of invasive species. Jeremy Farrell, a research scientist at Darrin Freshwater Institute, and his team have developed this tool by analyzing previously collected data from Lake George to help predict and combat invasive species. The data they analyze contains information in regards to where boats came from and what invasive species came with it and how to best clean the invasive species off it. This tool will improve the accuracy, speed, and effectiveness of the boat inspection stations.