New York State Registration and Tax

Owning a boat in New York State is easy! Looking to register a boat of your own? Here’s the 5 things you need to register your boat today.

What you need-

  1. A completed boat registration/title application (MV-82B)
  2. Proof Of Ownership. Find out How to Prove Ownership Here.
  3. Proof Of Identity. Drivers License, Learners Permit, Non-Driver I.D. Card.
  4. The Bill of Sale. (If Purchased From a NYS Dealer) This can also be used as a proof of Sales Tax Payment.
  5. Any sort of Payment for Fees & Sales Tax. (Or proof of Sales Tax payment)

Sales Tax & Registration Fees-

Sales tax and registration fees vary from boat to boat. To find out more on how much you will need to pay visit. &