Lake Living: Matt O’Hara

Matt O’hara owner of Freedom Boat Club


Matt owns and operates Freedom Boat Club located at Queen Boat Co. in Dunhams Bay on Lake George. The Westchester native did not grow up boating however. Matt discovered Freedom Boat Club while working with the company as his client through advertising sales in Massachusetts. It wasn’t until Matt met his wife Rebecca while attending Boston College he was introduced to the clear waters of Lake George. Matt saw the great opportunity he had with Lake George as another home for Freedom Boat Club and him and his wife made it happen in 2016.


Freedom Boat Club was first introduced to Lake George in the spring of 2016. Unlike other marinas and boat clubs, the Freedom Boat Club membership offers a wide variety of locations and boats all over the country to be accessible to its members. Currently Freedom Boat Club on Lake George has a variety of 12 different boats to choose from ranging from pontoon boats to center consoles. Members of the club are typically but not limited to younger families eager to get out boating.


The owner and operator of Queen Boat Co. and Freedom Boat Club, Matt does not have much free time during the busy summers. Matt and his wife Rebecca have two daughters they enjoy taking with them out on the lake. Matt explained he normally can only get out on the lake in the early spring and late summer when the business quiets down a little bit. Matt and his family enjoy spending their time on the lake in beautiful Sandy Bay. In the off-season Matt travels with his family and coaches his daughter’s basketball teams.


Freedom Boat Club members can just call up and make a reservation for a boat. Members do not have to worry about gassing, cleaning, covering, or even maintaining the boat. They just show up and the boat is ready to go. The time and stress the club saves its members from is worth the membership alone. The members only responsibility is to drive the boat wherever they want to go with no worry or hassle for any of the typical boating chores.