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Lake Living: Matt O’Hara

Monday, August 5th, 2019

Matt O’hara owner of Freedom Boat Club


Matt owns and operates Freedom Boat Club located at Queen Boat Co. in Dunhams Bay on Lake George. The Westchester native did not grow up boating however. Matt discovered Freedom Boat Club while working with the company as his client through advertising sales in Massachusetts. It wasn’t until Matt met his wife Rebecca while attending Boston College he was introduced to the clear waters of Lake George. Matt saw the great opportunity he had with Lake George as another home for Freedom Boat Club and him and his wife made it happen in 2016.


Freedom Boat Club was first introduced to Lake George in the spring of 2016. Unlike other marinas and boat clubs, the Freedom Boat Club membership offers a wide variety of locations and boats all over the country to be accessible to its members. Currently Freedom Boat Club on Lake George has a variety of 12 different boats to choose from ranging from pontoon boats to center consoles. Members of the club are typically but not limited to younger families eager to get out boating.


The owner and operator of Queen Boat Co. and Freedom Boat Club, Matt does not have much free time during the busy summers. Matt and his wife Rebecca have two daughters they enjoy taking with them out on the lake. Matt explained he normally can only get out on the lake in the early spring and late summer when the business quiets down a little bit. Matt and his family enjoy spending their time on the lake in beautiful Sandy Bay. In the off-season Matt travels with his family and coaches his daughter’s basketball teams.


Freedom Boat Club members can just call up and make a reservation for a boat. Members do not have to worry about gassing, cleaning, covering, or even maintaining the boat. They just show up and the boat is ready to go. The time and stress the club saves its members from is worth the membership alone. The members only responsibility is to drive the boat wherever they want to go with no worry or hassle for any of the typical boating chores.

Lake Living: Ben Marshall

Monday, July 22nd, 2019

Ben Marshall in front of the boat inspection station at Dunhams Bay


Ben has always lived and worked in the Lake George area enjoying many of the amenities the Adirondacks has to offer. Ben, who grew up in Queensbury, enjoys going cliff jumping on Lake George and wake-boarding on Glen Lake. Currently Ben is a senior at Paul Smith’s College studying Ecological Restoration.


An employee of the Lake George Park Commission, Ben plays an important role in keeping Lake George clean. For the past two years Ben has been at the forefront of the fight on Aquatic Invasive Species entering Lake George’s beautiful waters. Originally stationed at the Norowal Marina boat inspection station in Bolton Landing, Ben now works on the southern end of the lake at Dunhams Bay. The Lake George Park Commission’s motto “Arrive Clean, Drained, & Dry” basically sums up the guidelines that Ben follows when inspecting boats. “We use a Decontamination machine much like a really big pressure washer. I check the bilge for any old standing water and make sure it is removed. In addition, I also check the trims of the motors, anchor lines, trailers, and boat hulls to name a few things we pay attention to when looking for any invasive species they may have brought with them” Ben explained. If the boat Ben inspects meets all of the standards to enter the lake he then proceeds to tag the boat and record the launch with a little red park commission tag they attach to the boat for proof of inspection.


Out of the thousand’s of boats people trailer to Lake George not all of them meet the standards required to enter the lake. It is Ben’s job to decide and monitor what enters and leaves the lake. What he determines as unsafe or unsuited to enter the lake is what goes. “Often times when I do not pass a boat because of either zebra mussels or other invasive species like fishhook waterflees, the boats owner expresses their frustration towards me.” Said Ben. He went on to explain how it’s difficult for him because he understands how bad people want to get out on the water as he himself completely understands how enjoyable the lake is. However, Ben can not let the frustration and disappointment of boaters with unsafe vessels get to him because it’s his job to keep the lake clean and free of unwanted aquatic visitors.


Dunhams Bay boat inspection station is one of six inspection stations on the lake. The Lake George Park Commission implemented these stations around the lake as an effort to assist the Aquatic Invasive Species Spread Prevention Program to help keep Lake George clean and its water clear and sparkling. Its hard working and caring people like Ben who are to thank for keeping the water that thousands of tourists, locals, and species inhabit clean and free of detrimental unwanted aquatic visitors.



Mercury Racing launches 450R outboard

Monday, July 15th, 2019

Steeped in Mercury Racing DNA, the 450R features a 4.6-liter V8 FourStroke powerhead boosted by an exclusive Mercury Racing supercharger to produce 450 peak propshaft horsepower and 40% higher torque than the 400R.

At over 300 pounds lighter than the nearest competitor, the new 450R delivers a new power-to-weight ratio in a compact, efficient package. The 450R offers the latest technology from Mercury Racing including: multiple gearcase, control system, tie bar, and styling options are available to create the ultimate customized outboard performance package. The Mercury Racing 450R also delivers all of its performance on readily-available 89-octane (95 RON) pump fuel.

Designed and developed in-house and manufactured in Wisconsin on a dedicated Mercury Racing production line, the 450R is based on the same 4.6-liter V8 powerhead used for the normally aspirated Mercury Racing 300R outboard models. The proprietary 64-degree aluminum block is topped with aluminum cylinder heads with a Mercury Racing Quad Cam Four Valve (QC4) design and double overhead camshafts (DOHC). The valve train features a high-performance intake cam profile and race-spec Inconel exhaust valves. The camshafts are chain-driven and run in an oil bath so there is no timing belt to maintain.

Mercury Racing applies its supercharging expertise to extract optimum power from the 4.6-liter V8. A 2.4-liter belt-driven twin-screw supercharger delivers pressure charging with zero lag for instant throttle response. The supercharger is water-cooled to reduce the temperature of the intake charge and increase power. Twin charge-air coolers engineered by Mercury Racing reduce the temperature of the compressed intake charge to further increase air density and power output. A custom designed intake attenuator is tuned to cancel the harshest high-frequency supercharger noise while retaining a throaty high-performance sound.

To maintain peak performance, a boost bypass valve automatically adjusts maximum boost pressure in response to changing ambient conditions. To better manage engine heat, the Mercury Racing 450R is fitted with a special high-capacity oil cooler and an exclusive poppet valve in the midsection to provide a higher volume of cooling-water flow on-demand. Electronics and other engine components are designed and positioned to create the tightest package possible while maintaining good service access. The carefully considered design and placement of the new supercharger and charge-air coolers allow the 450R to use the same slim-line cowl as the 300R model while incorporating higher flow intake vents. Like all Mercury Racing outboards, the 450R accommodates 26-inch center-to-center mounting on multi-engine transoms, perfect for maximizing transom space on brand new boats or re-power installations.

Mercury Racing engineers addressed every aspect of performance in designing the 450R outboard, and the weight and design of each component was scrutinized to achieve maximum power with minimal weight. The result is 450 horsepower from an outboard that weighs as little as 689 pounds (313 Kg).

The wide-open throttle (WOT) operating range extends from 5800-6400 rpm, allowing for a full complement of Mercury Racing propellers to optimize acceleration, efficiency, and top speed.

Inspired Engineering

The exclusive Mercury Racing Advanced MidSection (AMS) features heavy-duty stainless steel guide plates and stiffened engine mounts that stabilize the outboard and enhance high-speed handling. An optional rear tie-bar bracket integral to the AMS provides a strong, ultra-light mounting point and uncluttered installation for catamaran and other high-speed applications.

The AMS also isolates the powerhead from the transom to insure run quality is smooth and quiet. Standard electro-hydraulic power steering offers confident and precise control at all speeds.

The 450R also has high-performance charging capacity. The 115-amp alternator is a match for extreme audio systems and power-hungry electronics. When the Idle Charge battery-management system senses low battery voltage it automatically increases engine idle rpm to boost alternator output until batteries are charged to the proper level.

The new outboard also features Mercury’s industry-exclusive Top Cowl Service Door for routine engine oil checks and top-offs without removing the cowl. An integrated latch and carry handle eases cowl removal for service.

Gearcase Options

The surface-piercing Sport Master gearcase, designed for boats capable of speeds in excess of 85 mph, features low water pick-ups and a crescent leading-edge for maximized efficiency, and for the 450R application, a stout new one-piece 1.25-inch diameter stainless steel propshaft. From single-engine performance runabouts to multi-engine catamaran sport boats the Sport Master – in the correct application – will enhance boat handling, speed and efficiency. The available cambered skeg counteracts prop torque for improved performance and handling in single-engine applications. The 450R is also available with the 5.44 HD gearcase for lower-speed and traditional submerged applications. All 450R gearcases have a 1.60:1 gear ratio for enhanced acceleration and speed.

Intelligent Technology

Mercury Transient Spark Technology applies pre-programmed timing advance to optimize torque output for stronger hole-shot performance. Adaptive Speed Control with a custom Mercury Racing calibration automatically holds engine rpm regardless of load or condition changes – such as rough water, tight turns, tow sports and lower speeds on plane – to maintain boat momentum with less-frequent throttle control adjustment.

The 450R is compatible with Mercury Racing Zero Effort Digital controls or any Mercury Marine digital control system, which can throttle up to six outboards with a single lever in some applications. Digital throttle and shift technology enhances the high-performance boating experience by providing smooth shifting and instant response while eliminating cable rigging and maintenance. Optional Joystick Piloting for Outboards (JPO) is available for boats rigged with two to six outboards and provides intuitive, fingertip 360-degree boat control for docking and maneuvering in tight quarters, plus the convenience of Skyhook sea-holding features and integrated auto piloting.

An available Mercury VesselView offers systems information and engine data. VesselView can simultaneously monitor the RPM, speed, fuel flow and efficiency, temperature, trim and more on up to six outboards on an intuitive seven or nine-inch touchscreen display. VesselView also enables Advanced Sound Control, a dual muffler system that can be toggled between an ultra-quiet mode and a deep sport tone with a stirring growl on start-up.

Color Options

The Mercury Racing 450R is available in Cold Fusion white and the legendary Mercury Phantom Black. Cold Fusion White models are finished with Devil Red Eye cowl accent panels with a white Advanced MidSection (AMS) and gearcase. Black models are finished with Graphite Grey cowl accent panels and matching Graphite Grey AMS and gearcase. Devil Red Eye, Graphite Grey and Carbon Fiber accent panel kits are available to custom-match a 450R outboard to a boat color scheme.

Production of the all-new 450R is underway and customer shipments have begun.

Source: Boating Industry

Rock the Dock Music Festival 2019

Monday, July 1st, 2019

This year’s third annual Rock the Dock Music Festival will take place on Friday, July 12th, 2019 at the Lake George Steamboat Company in Lake George. The festival takes place on the steel pier and is open for all ages. Rock the Dock will feature live music with Lake Georges own Formula 5 as well as many local craft, food and beer vendors. Other performances include appearances by Magic Beans, West End Blend, Eastbound Jesus, Swimmer, Mike Powell, and JT Maple and Band. You can enjoy the music and food either on the pier or sit on the steamboats strategically docked around the pier. 25% of all ticket proceeds will go to The FUND for Lake George, so come enjoy live music, good food, and tasty beer all while helping to keep the lake clean and pristine!

Tips for Trailering Safety

Monday, July 1st, 2019


source: Boating Magazine

  • The first step in safe towing is to make sure the trailer tires are suitable for the size of the boat being towed. This is important to check on your vehicle too because towing an extra load puts a lot more stress and weight relying on your vehicle to safely pull and bring to a stop.
  • Checking the tire pressure is the next step in safe towing. Under-inflated tires can be subject to blowouts and tire failure when a load is placed on the trailer. In addition, it is always important to check the wheel bearings, trailer axels, and wheel hubs for wear and tear.
  • The third step in safe trailering is to make sure when the trailer is hitched to the vehicle that the trailer tongue is correctly locked on to the ball of the hitch. It is always important to hook the trailers safety chains up in a X formation to the vehicle pulling the trailer. Safety chains serve as a form of insurance if the trailer was to come off the ball of the hitch while driving.
  • The final step to safe trailering is to make sure the lights on the trailer, including brake lights and turning signals work correctly. It is important to always do a walk around before driving to make sure the lights work and the boat sits as level as can be with the vehicle. Incorrect weight distribution when towing can cause trailers to loose control and swing all over the road endangering yourself and other drivers.

DEC photo contest for Female Anglers

Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

The state Department of Environmental Conservation is running a photo contest called “WomenHuntFishNY” for female anglers-of all ages in New York State. The contest begins June 17 and will be open until July 8. The “WomenHuntFishNY” contest categories includes but is not limited to freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, and Ice fishing. In addition, the contest also encourages photos of youth fishing, mothers and children, and action shots to be entered as well. The winner of the contest will be featured on DEC’s website, social media, marketing campaigns, and print products.

To be entered in the contest the photo must depict women fishing in New York State. Entrees for the contest should be emailed to Participants are strongly encouraged to include a description of their photograph describing the experience.

New Boating Safety Legislation makes it’s way to Gov. Cuomo’s desk

Monday, June 24th, 2019

Sources: Patch, WRGB Albany

Boating safety in New York State will likely see improvement with new legislation on its way to Governor Cuomo’s desk to receive his signature. Current boating safety legislation requires only people born after May, 1996 to have a boater’s safety course certificate otherwise known as a boater’s license. “Brianna’s Law” was proposed to reconstitute the boater’s safety legislation and has passed through both the State Assembly and State Senate. “Brianna’s Law” will require any individual operating a powered vessel to have the boater’s safety course approved by commissioner of parks, recreation and historic preservation. The final step in making this legislation a law is Governor Cuomo’s longed for signature.

The development of “Brianna’s Law” has been on-going for almost 14 years since the tragic death of 11-year-old Brianna Lieneck. Back in 2005, Brianna and her family were making their voyage back from Fire Island when another vessel struck their boat on the Great South Bay. The accident resulted in the tragic death of 11-year-old Brianna and her parents in critical condition. Brianna’s mother, Gina Lieneck, has been advocating for this law to be passed in honor of her daughter. “I made a promise to her that I will do all that it takes to get this law passed. It’s not just about the death of my daughter, but all the lives that have been lost on our waterways due to uneducated boaters.”

The death of 11-year-old Brianna Lieneck is not the only life taken too soon. A fatal boating accident on Lake George in 2016 resulted in the loss of 8-year-old Charlotte McCue. A similar situation where one boat struck another boat resulting in a tragic and awful ending. The unfair and untimely deaths of these two innocent children could have been prevented with the proper knowledge and training on boating safety. “Brianna’s Law” will improve this lack of knowledge and educate everyone operating a powered vessel on how to boat safely, handle emergency situations, and prevent anymore tragedies on New York’s beautiful waters.

The new legislation is expected to be signed by Governor Cuomo within the next few weeks. Once Gov. Cuomo signs the legislation to finalize the law it will be implemented and applied to all New York State waters. “Brianna’s Law” will apply to drivers of private vessels with motorized propellers. Boat renters will be required to take an instructional course prior to taking the boat on the water if they do not have a boater’s safety course. The law will be phased in throughout the next five years.

NYS allocates $190,000 to the Capital Region to combat invasive species

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

Source: Post Star

NYS is allocating $2.8 million of the Environmental Protection Fund to help fight the war on aquatic invasive species. The Capital Region will see some of this funding thanks to the Environmental Protection Fund working together with the State Department of Environmental Conservation to grant $190,000 to local towns and organizations.

The Lake George Association obtained the majority of this funding to further strengthen the security and safety of Lake George through the boat launches located at the northern end of the lake. The LGA plans to use the $78,575 of invasive species grant money to staff lake stewards at both the Hague Town Boat Launch and Gull Bay Public Boat Launch.

The stewards employed by the LGA from this grant money will allow for full-time operation of inspections stations in Hague and Gull Bay. The stewards play an important role in invasive species management by identifying and removing invasive plants and animals that can be harmful and destructive to Lake George which makes this grant essential to the LGA.

In addition to the LGA, Rensselear Polytechnic Institute received a large portion of the state funded grant, with $78,134. RPI is developing new technology to assist in the identification of invasive species. Jeremy Farrell, a research scientist at Darrin Freshwater Institute, and his team have developed this tool by analyzing previously collected data from Lake George to help predict and combat invasive species. The data they analyze contains information in regards to where boats came from and what invasive species came with it and how to best clean the invasive species off it. This tool will improve the accuracy, speed, and effectiveness of the boat inspection stations.

Celebrity Mike Rowe Offers Trades Scholarship

Friday, June 7th, 2019

This is an amazing effort by celebrity, Mike Rowe.…/

Did you know that 95% of all boats sold in the U.S. are made right here in the U.S.A? Today, U.S. marine manufacturing supports over 650,000 jobs and 34,833 businesses. The boating industry is growing steadily yet it’s facing a shortage of new, qualified workers. According to a study by the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas, 31,000 jobs will be open and needed in the U.S. Marine Industry by the end of 2019. This presents a major opportunity for individuals looking to earn a nice living.

The Great Upstate Boat Show Another Success

Monday, March 25th, 2019

Despite the looming possibility of the Fed raising interest rates in recent weeks, it was another positive year for The Great Upstate Boat Show this past weekend. The leading Upstate NY boat dealers and lifestyle vendors put on some very impressive displays. Some attendees who’ve visited other shows, such as the New York Boat Show and Atlantic City show were vocal to organizers regarding how well the show layout was and how approachable the dealers were.

People from all over New York and New England attend this event each year. Statistics show that folks from over 300 zip codes travel near and far to enjoy this particular boat show. Based on live interviews at this year’s show, some were attending as an effort to get more information about boating and the boating lifestyle; and others were there to take advantage of the selection under one roof paired with the aggressive pricing by dealers.

“Each year, we try do a little more to improve the experience for customers,” said Joel Holden, Executive Director. This year’s show did have some unique offerings over past years, including an all electric pontoon boat featured by Hyde’s RV & Boats in Rexford, NY. There were also some unique vendors at this years show such as CV-Tec Marine Industry Careers booth and Freedom Boat Club, a neat boat sharing service headquartered at Queen Boat Co. on Lake George.

All in attendance however, seemed to be leaving the gates with big smiles on their faces. It could have been the nice weather out there for a change. However, we’d like to think it was another job well done by all involved.