Tracking Invasive Species Using Artificial Intelligence

June 2, 2018 – Queensbury, NY 

Dr. John E. Kelly III, IBM Senior Vice President of Cognitive Solutions and IBM Research gave an important lecture at the Warren County Economic Development Corporation Luncheon today at the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge regarding the advancement and exponential growth potential of Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Kelly gave a detailed overview of AI and the amazing super-computers he and his colleagues at IBM are currently working on. Mind blowing stuff, really. According to Dr. Kelly, theses new advancements in technology are going to such high levels, that computer chips the size of a grain of salt will actually be able to process data in seconds, to help humans in just about every field make key decisions and solve problems with a 99% accuracy.

In one specific example, Dr. Kelly explained that using AI, IBM’s computer technology scales Globally and it could help a doctor in India retrieve an American citizen’s digital health records in seconds, to properly be able to diagnose and best treat ailments of that person, in real-time. Additionally, he explained that IBM is working tirelessly with leaders in healthcare to be able to use this technology to hyper-target the source of rogue cell mutations, assisting health care providers to actually be able to prevent the spread of cancer at the source, upon diagnosis. Pretty awesome news.

For boaters like us, some neat details were discussed regarding how IBM, The FUND for Lake George, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, NY have joined forces on The Jefferson Project, to utilize IBM’s AI technology to track invasive species. The group’s joint effort is currently tracking human behavior and its impact on Lake George, using IBM’s computers and AI technology tracking system as an effort to more proactively be able to prevent the contamination and spread in the future. More great news there. The best part however, is that this technology is already being scaled as a means to track the same activity throughout other bodies of water in Upstate NY, such as Skaneateles.

At IBM, Dr. Kelly is focused on the company’s investments in several of the fastest-growing and most strategic parts of the information technology market. His portfolio includes IBM Analytics, IBM Security and IBM Watson (as seen on Jeopardy, outsmarting human beings), as well as IBM Research and the company’s Intellectual Property team.

He also oversees the specialization of IBM Watson into various industries and domains including IBM Watson Health, IBM Watson Internet of Things, IBM Watson Education, IBM Watson Financial Services and IBM Watson Customer Engagement.

In this role, Dr. Kelly’s top priorities are to stimulate innovation in key areas of information technology and to bring those innovations into the marketplace quickly; to apply these innovations to help IBM clients succeed; and to identify and nurture new and future areas for investment and growth. He works closely with the leaders of these units to drive business development, accelerate technology transfer and invest for the future.